SE Health 2

We made it personal.

Because they’re so crucial to SE Health’s mission, our launch put people at the heart of our story, heroizing the frontline care workers as they went on their rounds. Instead of a narrator, CEO Shirlee Sharkey conveyed their importance while thanking the entire organization.

We got the word out.

Because the social campaign was heavily focused on recruitment, we put the spotlight on individual employees, sharing their unique perspectives on working for SE Health.

SE Health 4
SE Health 5

We found even more meaning in our platform.

Although we had to make a huge pivot because of COVID-19, we launched The Home of Health in a way that showed home care – and home care workers – as more important than ever.

Recruitment efforts are well under way.

While currently in market, the campaign has already led to an outpouring of appreciation from the SE Health staff who worked through the COVID-19 lockdown.

"The entire team at Gene was very professional and easy to work with. We’ve received so much positive feedback on the campaign. Thank you!"

Madonna Gallo
Head of Public Affairs, SE Health