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McKesson’s banner pharmacies thrive on a personal touch to their independently operated pharmacies. Looking beyond brick and mortar, they wanted an app to reward customers for their loyalty while providing the same level of friendly service they are familiar with in-store.
Facing an ever competitive marketplace and changing expectations for how their customers shop, McKesson required a trusted partner who could design and develop native apps on Android and iOS for all their banner brands. One such brand was, who was looking to shift from a digital-only service and provide a brick and mortar experience in a modern way.


Canadians across the country who wanted to better manage their prescriptions and those of their family members.

Tactical Plan

Gene supported in the creation of an app that allowed users to manage prescriptions for themselves and their family members. The intuitive app allows users to photograph their prescription form and submit it to the pharmacy. The user is paired with the pharmacists (and provided a direct point-of-contact) within the brick and mortar shop. The drug is then either provided in the shop itself or delivered to the user’s home. The app also leveraged a robust formulary (drug library) to ensure that the drug information provided is up-to-date.

Results and Impacts

The launch of the brick and mortar shop, along with support from the app, validated their strategy and demonstrated that there was demand for an inter-personal customer experience that was enhanced and supported by the ease of digital technology.

Furthermore, the app also helped better leverage staffing, so that the overall customer experiences was enhanced.

The code base for iOS and Android apps, was efficiently designed in a way that enables McKesson to generate native versions of the app for all four McKesson brands with room to onboard new ones. This approach offers speedy go-to market timing in a value conscious way.