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WSPS needed to find a quick and efficient way to provide employers and workers with accurate and reliable safety and prevention information around the COVID-19 pandemic.

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+ Audience Insight

The Challenge

With COVID-19 presenting challenges to business re-opening, Ontario needed to find a way to get public health education to businesses throughout Canada. The education needed to be accessibly to all Ontarians so they were equipped with all the knowledge they needed to get their business open while protecting their staff and customers.

The Insight

Many different messages from different sources were confusing Ontarians on what to trust and who the authority is on the proper protocols to open a business safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. They do however trust government messaging. The key insight is that WSPS needed to show their expertise in disseminating this information clearly so it can be a valuable resource for all workplaces.

The Solution

Gene stepped up to the challenge of this urgent request by developing an agile and creative solution that ensured Ontario workplaces and employees had immediate access to vital and helpful information.Adhering to an extremely tight timeline set forth by WSPS, the Gene team developed a customized microsite and two informative videos focusing on safety practices around COVID-19.