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With access to mental health becoming an increasing challenge, CBTA was looking to provide consumers with an affordable way to access certified CBT therapists at any time, in any place.
With help from Gene, CBTA created BEACON, a mental health app that connects users with a therapist at a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy.


  • Consumers

  • Those in need of mental health support and in need of CBT education

  • Those who have a mental health condition and are aware of CBT

  • Supporters of CBT

  • Decision-makers

  • Insurance and benefits organizations

  • Benefit and wellness managers/ consultants

  • Policy makers, influencers and government

Tactical Plan

The launch of BEACON featured four animated videos focusing on sensitive mental health issues told through the experiences of four different consumers. These videos were paired with a national PR campaign which captured multiple interviews and articles published during Mental Health Awareness week in October. We also managed a paid and unpaid social media program which ran over three months. We also supported this launch by creating the BEACON website, as well as creating a speaker and sponsorship plan.